MarineMap - Marine Protected Areas Decision Support Tool

Marine Life Protection Act North Coast MarineMap

Tool Description

MarineMap (previously named Doris) is a web-based application used for designing marine protected areas (MPAs). Users with a password may view marine geospatial data layers, draw prospective MPAs, share these MPAs with other users (or keep them private), and assemble MPAs into arrays. Users may generate reports on the resources captured within individual MPAs or packages relative to the amount of those resources represented in the entire study region, estimate economic impacts of prospective MPAs, and discuss MPA designs in a place-based discussion form.

Skills needed

Requires customization to meet the specific needs of any given area-based planning effort. All code is open source and may be freely modified. However, doing so requires considerable expertise in Java, Python

Tech support available

User manual available January 1, 2009. Online help. MarineMap consortium available for training sessions, consultation, webinars.

Equipment Needs

Recommended: quad-core server running Ubuntu Linux 8.0.4 with 8 MB RAM, 500 GB RAID 5 HD, Postgres SQL, PostGIS, GRASS, GDAL, OpenLayers, GeoServer, Apache

Data Needs

No data are required to use the tool. However, as it is intended to design protected areas based on the evaluation of habitat and economic impacts, a wide variety of GIS layers improves the tool's utility.

Submitted By: wmcclintock
Last Updated: March 17, 2011, 7:29 pm