Marine Integrated Decision Analysis System (MIDAS)

Tool Description

The Marine Integrated Decision Analysis System (MIDAS) was developed to assist the Marine Managed Areas (MMA) users and managers in understanding the critical factors that influence MMA effects so that they can plan accordingly, to estimate likely MMA effects based on the ecological, socioeconomic and governance conditions, and finally, to advise management plan revisions that will result in optimization of outcomes and outputs. MIDAS will help conservationists demonstrate the likely effects of a new MMA, and will enable conservationists working in existing MMAs to determine the likely effects of alternative strategies and therefore, where they should most effectively focus resources. User groups (such as fishers, tourism operators) and the general public can use MIDAS to understand how and why various ecological, socioeconomic and governance conditions are so critical for positive outcomes. Users and policy makers are encouraged to use the tool in an exploratory way to identify interactions of variables and potential outcomes. MIDAS could also be used as a diagnostic tool to identify specific problems in MMAs that could be further addressed or examined.

Tech support available

User manual

Equipment Needs

MIDAS is written in the Java programming language and requires the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to be installed before the MIDAS program can be executed. Specifically, MIDAS requires that Java version 6 be installed so some users may require to update their version of Java. If you are unsure that you have Java installed on your machine or need to update your version, please visit Oracle's download site at:

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The Marine Integrated Decision Analysis System (MIDAS) was developed to assist the Marine Managed Areas (MMA) exploiter and evaluators in understanding the critical extent that countenance MMA attribute so that they can sketch accordingly
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