CPCe - Coral Point Count with Excel extensions

Tool Description

Developed by the National Coral Reef Institute, Coral Point Count with Excel extensions (CPCe) is Windows-based software (PC use only) that provides a tool for the determination of coral and substrate cover using the random point count method on transect photographs. A specified number of spatially random points are distributed on transect images, and the benthic features underlying each point are user-identified. Statistics on coral/substrate coverages and Shannon-Weaver indicies are automatically calculated and exported to Excel spreadsheets. Additionally, CPCe can be used for image calibration and area analysis of benthic features. The user can trace areas on underwater images, and the areas of the traced regions are calculated and saved, and can be exported automatically into Excel spreadsheets.

Skills needed

CPCe is intuitive in its use and layout. The resource requirements are minimal, as the program is used by a single user.

Tech support available

An extensive help file is provided with the software. Classroom training is available. The program developer is available for consultation for on-site training.

Equipment Needs

Basic PC computer, at least 1GB memory, mid-level processor

Data Needs

Required input data: Images of the site to be analyzed; a coral/substrate code file containing the identification codes of the features found at the site (a basic code file is supplied with CPCe)

Submitted By: kkohler
Last Updated: February 10, 2011, 12:51 pm