C-Plan, the Conservation Planning System

Tool Description

C-Plan is designed to support conservation planning decisions. The system calculates the irreplaceability value of landscape elements in terms of characteristics such as species composition, vegetation types, etc. C-Plan analysis can include resource data such as timber yields. Using searches to identify sites with high conservation value, which also have a low timber production potential, for example, it is possible to minimize impact on timber reserves while still achieving conservation goals. C-Plan maps options for achieving an explicit conservation goal in a region, allows users to decide which sites (areas of land or water) should be placed under some form of conservation management, accepts and displays these decisions, and then lays out the new pattern of options that results. The system displays information, in tables, maps or diagrams that can be used to guide decisions. This information includes the characteristics of any of the sites involved in the assessment, collections of sites that have various combinations of characteristics, the extent to which the conservation target for any particular feature (e.g. species or forest ecosystem) has been reached by previous decisions about conservation, and the reasons for making any of the previous decisions. C-Plan also calculates and displays the irreplaceability of each site in a region as a guide to their importance for the regional conservation goal.

Tech support available

user manuals, limited support from developers, paid consultant on request, ltd training courses

Equipment Needs

Microsoft Windows operating system

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