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Projects are case studies representing a wide range of geographic locations, ecosystems, planning processes, tools, and outcomes.

  • Marine Ecosystem-Based Management in Practice: Learning from Experience

    This website features case studies that illustrate different approaches to marine ecosystem-based management (EBM) around the world. They are geared towards practitioners and policymakers and show how managers, scientists, communities, NGOs and resource users are advancing EBM in varied geographic and political settings.

    USA, the Caribbean, the western Pacific, northern Europe, Africa, Mexico and Canada,
    case studies,
    ecosystem-based management,

  • MarineMap: Participatory Marine Spatial Planning Using a Web-based Open Source Tool

    Since 2005, the MarineMap Consortium, consisting of scientists and technologists at the University of California Santa Barbara, Ecotrust and The Nature Conservancy, have developed web-based decision support tools for stakeholders to visualize and analyze geospatial information pertaining to the ocean.

    US West Coast, CA

  • Meeting Joint Objectives of Conserving Coastal Wetlands and Mitigating Hazards: Case Study from the Florida Panhandle

    The Nature Conservancy and partners at NOAA Coastal Services Center and the University of Queensland have prepared a case study from the Florida Panhandle that examines approaches for jointly meeting objectives in biodiversity conservation and coastal hazard mitigation.

    Florida Panhandle, FL
  • Mission Aransas Ecosystem Management Plan

    The project involved collaboration between state and federal agencies, several non-profit organizations, and the local communities (including local governments) to develop land use and other policies based on an understanding of the linkages between land use effects on specific coastal-marine ecosystems.

    Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve and Aransas County, on the Gulf Coast of Texas near Corpus Christi, TX
    ecosystem based management

  • The Multipurpose Marine Cadastre Project (MMC)

    The Multipurpose Marine Cadastre (MMC) is a multi-agency effort to build a GIS-based marine information system for U.S. waters that provides authoritative geospatial data, web-based mapping tools, and supporting information to inform decision making on a range of ocean issues.

    NOAA Coastal Services Center, Charleston, SC
    coastal and marine spatial planning,
    coastal and ocean data,
    marine cadastre,
    marine spatial planning,
    renewable energy,
    web mapping